Lotions are a MUST!

If you want to take care of your skin while developing your best longest lasting tan ever, you are going to need a professional tanning lotion. Our lotions have been hand selected to give you the best ingredients at the best prices. All of the lotions shown below do not contain any fillers like parabens or sulfates. Instead, our bottles are filled with more accelerators, moisturizers, bronzers anti-aging and slimming ingredients that are going to help you achieve a gorgeous tan while taking care of your skin! There are many different types of lotions that we offer and our staff can help you find one that fits your budget! Try our Black Diamond Collection to receive the best tanning and anti-aging results!


If you want the deepest darkest tan possible go with a bronzer. They will of course have accelerators that work with the UV lamps, but their added bronzers will continue to make your tan darker after your tanning session is over. When you use a bronzer you will want to avoid working out or taking a shower directly after your session so that the bronzers can do their job.

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All professional tanning lotions contain intensifiers. These lotions have ingredients that work with the UV lamps to accelerate the tanning process, and many have anti-aging and slimming ingredients as well as some of the best moisturizing ingredients on the market!

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Tan Extending Lotion

These lotions are extremely important because they add moisture back into your skin as well as extend the life of your tan. The Black Diamond Tan Extender contain 8 moisturizers, anti-aging ingredients as well as tan extenders to make your tan even darker after your session.

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Face & Leg Lotion

Facial lotions are designed to give you added moisture without blocking your pores. Even if you don’t tan your face we recommend using a Facial Tanning Lotion as it will add beneficial moisture back to your face to keep you looking gorgeous. The Black Diamond Facial lotion contains many anti-aging ingredients as well as bronzers that work with or without UV lamps. Legs are typically hard to tan, so leg lotions will contain even stronger bronzers to help you out with this common problem.

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